Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Curtains with Coverlet pattern border

Here are a set of curtains completed for a customer. The border is a woven coverlet pattern expanded to 9" at the bottom of the curtains in off white . The rest is a soft grey tan that looks like linen yarn . Elegant and unique style for a creative home or one with antiques.

Log Holder design from Scottish Lion

This is a 44" long log holder by 29 " high
It was a custom piece but can be made for any size space.Very sturdy Andy uses solid 1" steel bars twisted and hammered curls. Supported base with decorative twist in center.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Colburn House has Village Weaver textiles

Ticking fabric woven by the Village Weaver recently sold to the folks at the historic Colburn House in Pittston Maine. This is a newly renovated site along the Arnold Trail. Go to the link to see more about this house and its important role it played in our American revolution.

Ticking is a term refered to cloth when it is a close stripe like the one shown . It is used in bed linens and everyday linens . Dating back to our early history of our country weavers would have produced their own cloth on their own looms . Fabric back then was more valuable than land and considered very expensive. It took time and months of work to prepare the yarn used to make their cloth.
Phyllis Leck, wove this piece