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Patriots' Day April 18

Celebrated here in Maine and Massachusetts ,Patriots' Day is the commemorative day for the Battle of Lexington and Concord ,

"where the shot heard around the world" ,was fired. Issac Davis was the first to fall . He was a farmer and a gunsmith. He was the Captain of his group later called "the Minutemen" . His statue of him stands with a musket in one hand and a plowshare in the other.

I particularly would like to commemorate this battle . This is still a struggle today with taxation . So many have given their lives for our freedom that we do not want to take it lightly.
Here at Scottish Lion and Friends we hold onto these same ideals of freedom. We offer an opportunity here as well for others to show their work and talents.

Maine the way life should be , well freedom is one of those things. We support American made , and Maine made for just that reason. We are talking about lives and families .

I feel particularly sensitive this week as we lost another artist to suicide. Times are tough and economics are real . Your dollar speaks volumes. Thanks for reading this . Leave your comment ,I 'd like to hear your thoughts.