Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holly -Marie Haining Seawitch Studio added

I just added Holly-Marie Haining Seawitch Studio to my bloglist.
I just love her paintings of mermaids and clipper ships. She has a rich New England interpretation of the maritimes. She is also offering a nautical wreath hand made by her . Have a look , they are very reasonable and gorgeous!
Happy Thanksgiving

Fall inspired rag rug

We are starting our black and white season of fall/winter . Here is a bit of color to cheer you all up. This rug reminds me of pumpkins and squash .
I thought you might enjoy seeing it.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Anchor Sculpture by Andrew Leck

Here are recent pictures of Maine this time of year. Here is a shot of a cozy little cove .
Then near this cove is the new home of some wonderful folks that had Andy make out of a 6 foot high anchor a sculpture. Included are large 12" glass balls , Aluminum metal fish ,an anchor chain and a custom made sailboat with a tender ( smaller boat in rear , for nonsailing folks) and its very own mini anchor. The sail boat spins in the wind like a weathervane
Here they are called "windvanes."

The anchor is very old and washed up on the beach down in Phippsburg, Maine. Some of you may remember the movie "Message in a bottle" with Paul Newman and Kevin Cosner , well Phippsburg is on the ocean and is one of the places the movie was shot.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

A Gallery Of American Weathervanes and Whirligigs