Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gardens of the Scottish Lion Wrought Iron and Village Weaver

Scottish Lion Wrought Iron and Village Weaver Art Gallery and studios.
Our home and gardens with out buildings that will be full of crafts, art work and  gift items
This is the next garden we are working on . The square stones in the center are for a sundial . We have a lot of granite available to us for pillars and stonework.

Granite table with beach stones

Granite stone top table with hand forged iron legs. Incorporated with the cross pieces are wrapped beach stones. Coffee table height it is 5 ft long.
This and others can be seen in our ART GALLERY .

Scottish Lion Wrought Iron a look at what's new

Getting ready for opening for the season although some folks have been stopping by and getting a sneak peek. Andy has expaned his hardware section into the ART GALLERY for more exposure and ease for you the customer.

To the right is a gazing ball with whale tails diving underneath this large glass bubble

Next is a sculpture that has candle holders , a bird and a stand that can hold flower pots
Andy had envisioned this as a garden room piece.
Stone Sail boat with copper sails
He has been working in stone mixed with metals