Friday, March 11, 2011

New fresh colors and Spring Celebration on Etsy

Enter in the subject bar on  SECOFG It will bring you to a treasury of many talented ladies from a team on Etsy called Old Farmhouse Gathering Team. They have got fresh new ideas and offerings for spring . Visit my shop as well on Etsy for items that I have created just for this celebration!
Tablecloth available on Etsy

Tea time in my living room

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Old Fashioned wash tubs

Wash tub?Heating hot water?Cooking?
Cast Iron creosote from chimney
Could this be what these are? Wash tubs inset into the chimney? They have built in fireboxes underneath that the flue connects to the chimney. I love the cabinets built in to the chimney . If I were able to use this I imagine they would be warm and perfect for raising bread, making yogurt or keeping warm dishes. There are two of these cast iron tubs . Filled with hot water you could keep pots of food warm. This was an early farm house from the early 1800's and if they had a lot of folks to feed. .. well,
I saw this once at a Shaker Village in Hancock ,MA.They had water under all the cooking pots. Does any one know?
This is in my kitchen now but years ago this was an unheated section of the house and it was only used in the summer/fall. On the other side of this chimney was the kitchen/keeping room.
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