Monday, April 20, 2009

Tablerunner woven in the Shaker style

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This week I wove Shaker style table runners. This one is woven with a cotto/linen yarn that gives it a crispness and flecks of tan in it that must be from the linen spun in the yarn.
The Shakers were recognized for their simple lines in blue. They would hang this style fabric up on the walls around their beds from Shaker pegs.
I use to do a craft show out at the Shaker Village in Pittsfield , MA every summer at the Hancock Shaker Village. Exhibitors would get a private tour and a Shaker meal put on by the foundation. It was a wonderful show and experience. The big old round barn was an inspiration to my husband when he built our new barn last year.
If you are wondering about the show it is not happening any more . They replaced it with "Contemporary" artists that do not make crafts related to the Shakers.

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