Thursday, June 4, 2009

Give me Liberty!

The spinning wheel is the symbol for "freedom" back in the colonial era. Young "spinnster" women would hold spinning bees . Once on the Boston Common 300 women showed their patroitism for our new country by spinning flax into linen thread so weavers could produce enough cloth for our own use instead of having to import it from England. We didn't want to pay the high tariffs that England was charging.
Daughters of Liberty were women that wanted to produce their own cloth.
Young brides showed their love for their country by wearing a linen wedding dress .
You see flax was easy to grow in the America. You could sow the seed in the spring and gather the flax plant in the fall plus it added nitrogen to the newly cleared soil.
After processing it then you could spin the fiber into a strong thread .
In the colonial era woven cloth was more valuable than land.
Village Weaver gets her designs inspired from that era .

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