Monday, July 18, 2011

Whales, sea glass soap, shells,balancing rocks

Seaside soap and candle 's  sea glass soap

Mussels shells,starfish, clam shells dishes form Hockomock pottery

Swordfish driftwood

Green and Blue Sea horse fish has stain glass scales and eye

Fish ,starfish and crows balsam pillows

Blueberry pottery

Shell covered box is spectacular by Kitty SmithThe box is  14 x 14 by 7 high We are asking $900.00

Claire Perry came with her Moby driftwood whale and Andy fell in love with him and had to modify him with a bigger tail eye and harpoon and hand made anchors, his name now is MOBY D  by Claire Perry and Andy Leck $475.00

Five feet wide by fourteen inches deep

Weaving room studio door has a fish by her door called Jackass Pollack Fish  $425.00 also a balancing rock spinner with a rock snake adorning it $375.00

Glass ball mixed with balancing rocks $375.00

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