Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snowy day in Maine

Snow in and cold here . Good weaving weather . My little studio is the ell off the main house with the three dormers. The tall middle building is the gallery space to show Andy's iron and painting and sculptures. The third building to the left is a metal working shop where Andy creates his iron pieces. There are two more buildings to the left that are shown that have a porch connecting them that is used in the summer for consignors work to be displayed.

The main house is Georgian style and built early 1800's.It has two front rooms with a large center hall with straight stairs going upstairs. There are two smaller rooms behind these rooms that serve as bathroom now and an office. There is an ell connecting to another ell that is the dinning room and kitchen. Two large bedrooms upstairs with two smaller rooms behind them one is a bathroom and the other could be a bedroom but I use it for a sewing room.

It seems big at first living here and we use to get lost wondering around all these rooms but now it is a comfortable size I think and the builders back when used this house as a farm house . There was a lot of land that went around this house and stretched down to the river so they had access to the water for shipping out goods and getting supplies.

Maine was booming in the early part of 1800's and that is when all these lovely homes up here were built.

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